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artist. designer. visionary

Chicago native, raised in Atlanta and currently based in the Bay Area, my unconventional creative career has led me down a rewarding path of creative exploration as I have worked as a multifaceted creative professional with expertise in creative communication strategy, creative sports marketing, and performance apparel design. 

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Integrated Strategic Communications from the University of Kentucky and a Master's degree in Sports Product Design from the University of Oregon, I excel in crafting compelling narratives and strategic messaging while pushing the boundaries of design in performance apparel and building multi-modal, creative campaigns. 


With a keen eye for aesthetics and a knack for creative storytelling through apparel, concept and graphic design, I strive to captivate audiences and convey powerful messages. My passion lies in creating innovative products that serve underrepresented communities, addressing their specific needs and amplifying their voices. My commitment to inclusivity drives me to design impactful solutions that make a lasting impact.


Aside from design, my free time consists of personal and commission artwork pieces that has kept me going through out my life. Through a versatile skill set, dedication to social change, and artistic talent, I hope to continue to pioneer being an influential force in the creative industry in design, the empowerment of underrepresented communities and creative storytelling.

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